Enlist the Indian food trends flourishing in the Indian restaurant catering

Indian Restaurant Catering: Latest Trends

The trends can come and go. But, these are what bring a necessary change in the respective industry. The latest trends are why the restaurant industry has that difference in all possible ways. One thing in the restaurant industry that’s not going anywhere is the service offered by the well-known Caterers in Kirkland.

The individual running the Indian Restaurant in Washington has to make sure the customers get the best service. Now, let’s check out the latest Indian restaurant trends that have gained the necessary attention.

Different trends present in Indian restaurant catering


The role of the buffet got attention back in the 1500s in France. The buffet option allows a large number of people to enjoy the meal. Especially if there’s a wedding, a buffet is an appropriate choice. The buffet includes different food options of different types like:

  • Hot or cold
  • Casual or formal
  • Vegetarian or non-vegetarians or Both

The buffet allows you to have customization options, and you can quickly get it under your budget.

Food stations

Another option is food stations to fulfill the food needs of a large group. A food station means one room is filled with different food counters to serve the people at an event. There are other appetizers and finger foods. The food stations make an appropriate choice for a casual and fun-filled event.

Family-style dining

Family-style dining plays a crucial role in making an event successful. The blend of catering service with different feature bowls and platter of food offers perfectly maintained family-style dining. This approach allows an intimate event to have that perfection it needs.

Food and drink pairing

Who says with catering service you can only have food? The catering service allows you to relish the toothsome and exciting Indian beverages to make your taste buds dance to the tune of exciting Indian meals. Some options are badam milk, mango lassi, and chikoo shake.

The pleasure of street food

Indian cuisine is not just limited to one category of food. One of the most loved and fun-filled options is Indian street food. Street food makes the perfect combination of combining ethnic food with something fusion to make your taste buds go crazy. Some of the tasty Indian food options are:

  • Crispy corn pepper fry
  • Gobi Manchurian
  • Baby corn Manchurian
  • And much more!

Taste the true side of Indian food!

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