Book Delicious Indian Food Catering Services For Your Functions

Are you thinking of organizing an event soon?

Well, if yes, there are a lot of things you would have to take care of before the big day comes.

We are here to help you distribute your responsibility with us and let loose a little.

Do not worry; we will give you the best option for your catering service to help you manage some of that work.

One of the most essential parts of any event is the food. People might forget most details, but one thing that they sure will remember is the food they will devour.

This is the reason why it is necessary for you to choose catering that will offer one of the best services with extraordinary food items.

Why Indian Food For Catering Services?

Why not?

Indian food is one of the most diverse in nature, making it a perfect option for catering for any event, including birthdays, weddings, or others.

Let us now see some of the reasons that might make your mind on opting for Indian food.

  • It suits many palates.

One of the biggest compliments of the best Indian food Seattle is its diversity. With different regions and cultures, you will be able to see different food items with different recipes. Hence it has been proved that it can serve any palate without any complication. Most of the time, people associate Indian Food with spicy and rich flavors. But that is not the case; you will get to try a different range of food items that are packed with different flavors. Older or younger, you can make them try Indian food and see them fall in love with it. 

  • Makes the best impression

No other cuisine will be able to manage that level of spark like Indian food does, and it is a fact. So if you are looking for a way to make an impression on your guests, you better order some delicious food from an Indian restaurant in Redmond. The taste is so “finger looking good” that they will want to know the name of the restaurant the next day. The garlicky butter naan over some of the delicious curries of all time. I mean, how can one ignore this beauty of culinary art.

What Should You Order For Indian Catering Service?

  • Tandoori chicken/ paneer tikka

For non-veg and veg guests respectfully, both the items are perfect for starters.

  • Butter chicken/ butter paneer

It is a prominent item on the list that you can not miss. Add both paneer and chicken for the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian to enjoy.

  • Chickpeas / lentils stew

Another option you should choose is this mild flavor gravy with either chickpeas or lentils to go along with the side dish.

  • Naan / rice

For the side dish, naan and rice both are important.

  • Gulab jamun/ icecream

Sweet is an integral part of Indian cuisine, so do not forget to add some.

Order Now

Bahaar Indian Cuisine is ready to serve you some of the most authentic and delicious Indian food you might ever taste.

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