Which are the tasty and best mango dessert options you should try out?

In the United States, it’s not only the Indians who drool over Indian cuisine. Even the native people (specifically not from an Indian background) love to try out and know more about Indian cuisine. This is the major reason, people love to visit the best Indian restaurant in Seattle to taste the awe-inspiring Indian flavors in the best manner. One of the most loved out of the lot is an Indian dessert, If you don’t have the dessert then how your meal will be complete. That one option is mango which is an important part of Indian desserts. Kulfi Mango, that one particular option which is simply the best and tasty in every bite, has that homemade touch and it is highly preferred by the customers at our Indian restaurant in KirklandCafe Bahar.

Although, in this blog, our motive is to make you understand the different mango dessert options which are loved by the foodies. Especially if you are a food blogger you would like to know more about different dessert options. Let’s get ready in advance to try out the best mango dessert.

Mouthwatering mango desserts

  • Vegan mango matcha pudding

One of the healthy mango desserts is filled with chia seeds, flaxseeds, mint leaves, coconut milk, and matcha. Moreover, you can even try out the vegan version of this option which is perfect after the brunch or dinner party. Crunchy and delectable option to try out.

  • Mango kulfi snowball

Mango and kulfi are 2 separate things but when combined they will explode your taste buds with different flavors. The sweetness of white chocolate, mango puree, cooking cream, cardamom powder, and rose water. All these are nicely mixed and kept in the refrigerator & then frozen for the required time.

  • Mango ice cream

Ice cream lovers should try out the mango ice cream which is kind of a delight to better taste the mango flavor. Just a few simple ingredients will make the perfect mango kulfi like custard powder, milk, and sugar along with vanilla essence for a boost of flavor. Indeed! One of the favorite options among kids.

  • Mango meringue cake

What’s better than combining cake and mango & that too the meringue ones. Along with mango, there is a rich flavor of lemon zest and its mildly sweet flavor due to mascarpone cheese is a bang-on for the entire dish.

  • Mango and mint kheer

Kheer (rice pudding) is highly loved by the foodies. In some cases, it is made with mango flavor along with saffron. For added crunch almonds are diced or cut into half from the center along with raisins & cardamom. One of the best options to make when you have a family get-together.

Indulge in the best of Indian flavors

Well! Here we have just talked about the dessert option for one particular category, there are in abundance you can try out be it summer, winter, spring, or autumn. If you are going to try out Indian cuisine for the first time, then make sure that you do that in the right manner. Visit Cafe Bahar to have the best dine-in experience.

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