Food Items That You Should Order From Bahaar Indian Cuisine

Love food and its variety of cuisine!

But one that will always stay in the heart will be the Indian cuisine. We have served many people in our restaurant from different cultures and different races. And even they acknowledge the complexities of Indian cuisine. One can not deny the fact that making such complex dishes is not an easy task and requires years of skill to get to that level of perfection.

Indian Food Is For Everyone

When we talk about Indian food, it is very common to associate it with spicy food. Now locals can enjoy such preconceived notions, but people who are not used to spicy food will back out of it without any second doubt.

But let me cancel out those norms; anyone can devour Indian food as we, the best Indian restaurants in Seattle, cater to people’s needs and serve food items in various spice levels. You will get the spices but not the spiciness. 

What Should You Order From Us?

We have got a bunch of options to choose from for your dinner in an Indian Restaurant Kirkland. If you are interested in visiting us next time, then this will help you know what food item you can choose for your quiet dinner plan. 

  • Chicken 65

Let us start from the appetizers menu; for your entrees, you can order this tremendously cooked chicken dish with so many spices and herbs that invoke various feelings in your mind. It is a creation from the southern region of India. The chef deep-fries teh boneless chicken marinated with some exotic spices and herbs like curry leaves. 

  • Chole bhature

If you want to go all big, then chole bhature is the correct answer for you. Chole, which means chickpeas, is typically a spicy chickpeas gravy that the chef mixes with the base of onion and tomatoes along with ginger garlic paste. And bhature is a doughy bread that goes along with it. 

  • Malai kofta

Now let us move to the main course of the meal. Malai kofta is basically a deep-fried ball made with paneer and potatoes and some spices cooked in a rich and creamy-based curry that you can either pair with naan or some rice. 

  • Biryani

What is the use of voting in an Indian restaurant if you do not try out the in-house biryani? This layered rice dish is a flavourful affair that would open up new meaning to rice. The chef cooks this by layering aromatic rice along with a curry (chicken, mutton, or paneer) and then letting it cook for some time. 

  • Ras malai

How can you forget the star of the meal- the dessert. Indian dessert is one of the best kinds, sweet and succulent. Rasmalai would be the perfect option for you if you like creamy and soft doughy sweet balls drenched in some milk.


Visit Bahaar Indian Cuisine and try out the dishes steed above and so much more.

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