7 Most-Relishing & Mind-Opening Indian Drinks And The Beverages

Cafe Bahar – The best Indian restaurant is Kirkland presents a much-required guide on the Indian beverages and the drinks. Are you also interested to know the Indian beverage and the drinks culture?


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So without any delay, let us begin:

  1. Thandai –

OMG! The Super Tasty Drink With Cooling Properties

It is the north Indian beverage whose base is always milk. First of all the taste-enhancing elements as the following are gathered and then are made into the final paste:

  • Nuts

  • Spices

  • Cashews

  • Almonds

  • Cardamom

  • Peppercorns

  • Poppy Seeds

  • Fennel Seeds

  1. Assam Tea

Artisanal Produced High-Quality Teas

Assam tea is specially prepared from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica. This is the kind of tea that is produced in the north Indian Assamese state. The predominant thing because of which this tea is famous is its strong earthy and malty flavour.

  1. Sweet Lassi

The Beautiful Blend Of The Yoghurt With The Sugar

The lassi variety is the sweetest. You might not have tasted any drink out there which is an extremely beautiful blend of yoghurt and sugar. Along with that, it includes the beautiful blend of the following:

  • Saffron

  • Cardamom

When this drink or the beverage is prepared in the clay pots, then it brings out the most authentic flavour. The garnishing just adds a beautiful charm to its flavours:

  • Slivered Nuts

  • Grated Coconut

  1. Mango Lassi

Yoghurt + Mango = Hypnotizing Mango Flavoured Lassi

Yoghurt, Mango Pulp and Sugar are blended until the nice frothing-like consistency comes into the origin. When served chilled, it gives you goosebumps.

  1. Cashew Feni

The Subtle Taste And Flavours Of The Citrus Fruits

It is the best drink which has the great flavour and the aroma of the citrus and the tropical fruits. During ancient times, it was consumed as a shot. And when these are incorporated into the lemon-based drinks, then one acquires the bar or the pub-like feel at the restaurant.

  1. South Indian Coffee

Full Bodied and the Rich Flavour Having Coffee

Indian filter coffee is famous because of the technique with which it is prepared. The technique is responsible for acquiring the greatly flavoured coffee which is sweetened with sugar. The flavour becomes even more enhanced when it is served in the tumbler that is accompanied by the saucer.

In most parts of the country, the coffee is poured from one vessel to another continuously until it has become aerated and comes out to be frothy.

  1. Shikanjvi

The Tangy Refreshing Drink

This drink is famous in most of the regions of the world. The name might be different, but the preparation style is always the same. It is usually liked by the people in the summer season. This drink is super beneficial for health as well as reduces your chances of suffering from dehydration.

Final Comments!

Just like the Indian food culture, the beverage and the drinking culture has also gained maximum popularity. We have given a mention of those drinks which are liked and customarily ordered by the people very much. If you want to suggest the addition of some other drink, then please go ahead, we shall include your reviews in our next blog.

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